What of I told you that there’s a network that pays you to offer your readers hundreds of free quality resources? And will actually pay you a minimum of $1.50 for a qualified free subscription you refer to them? Sounds too good to be true? Maybe not! It’s RevResponse.

So, what is RevResponse? Well, RevResponse let’s you deliver targeted content and resources matching your blog’s niche and gives you a chance to put some of your money-making on auto-pilot. What’s the worst thing that can happen? You make some good money and your readers get some quality content., all at the same time. Not a very negative worst case scenario I presume?

As a publisher, you would not be charged a dime for signing up with them and the sign up process is fairly quick and painless. After that, they will activate your account after reviewing you blog. You will receive your own resource center(something like this) matching you site’s theme with all of their resource categorizations. And all of them are absolutely free!

From Autos, Management, Finance, Software Development, Multimedia, Marketing to Small Business, they have 33 categories of free magazines, white papers, webinars, podcasts, and more. You and your readers are bound to find things that are extremely useful to you.

If you want to take a step further in promoting their free resources, you can easily build and customize contextual ad spaces, flash widgets and other promotional texts to match a resource niche of your choice.


For an example, you can put their flash widget on your blog’s sidebar (like I have done), generate some ad spaces to blend with your content and some promotional texts to accompany the footers of your blog’s feed. Be creative – the possibilities are endless!

Here’s the real kicker – you can sign up from your own resource center or widgets for free resources that you think would be beneficial for you, and even get paid for them. Yeah! you heard me right. It’s like clicking on your own ads – except for which you get paid and gain something valuable.

RevResponse also has this awesome affiliate program, which pays you 20% from all of the earnings that your referrals make, in the first 6 months. Payment methods is check by default. But you can also receive money by PayPal. Currently, those are the only two payment methods available, and they send out payments every month. RevResponse has a forum and a blog in which you can learn more about their services and post your queries. And yes! They DO respond in a timely fashion and the people are pretty cool and helpful.

Although there’s nothing as such for me to ask you guys to “watch your step”, note that there is a eligibility criteria for your referred subscriptions to be qualified. Although there is a good number of resources available to the international audience of your blog, some categories are a bit concentrated on US & Canada. But that shouldn’t stop you from trying out the service since, if you really are into making money blogging, the least you can do at this point is commit a few minutes and see whether RevResponse can actually work for you.

To sign up for RevResponse, click here.

This is wonderful scheme I ever heard. When I got some invites from few of my friends, I did’t checked it properly.Because daily there will be many offers & many are bogus.But when I saw an article about mGinger on Times Of India today morning, I got astonished.This is a real offer.Here is offer details:
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Simillerly you will be paid 5 paisa/SMS when your friend of friend receives an ad!

Update:What media is telling about mGinger?
Here is CNN Video & all other links.

Video Link

So what are you waiting for Sign up now! at www.mGinger.com & start earning!
You may atleast earn your monthly mobile bill!!!

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